How It Works


    Auto Dispatch system

    Our vehicle’s “Auto Dispatch System” assigns the passenger/client with the nearest driver automatically.


    Robust Apps

    Our intelligent apps allow both the driver and passenger/client to manage their vehicle booking over a few simple taps.


    Booking system

    Place an optional mobile call booking from the app. The app will utilize the real-time GPS tracker built into the app to efficiently locate the passenger/client and allocate the driver. The app will then function to finalize the payment option of the booking and much more.


    Social Sharing

    The passenger/client can enjoy Social Network Sharing of their trip via the app.


    E - Receipts and Invoice

    Upon successful payment, both the app receives an e-receipt and an invoice of the assigned trip will be mailed to your registered email.


    GPS Tracking system

    The GPS tracker functioning in your app and our dispatch software enables a fast and reliable approach towards the vehicle management process.

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